We have programs to support any situation, from a single representative
to your entire sales force – with ZERO start-up costs! You pay only for qualified prospects.

Whatever your need, our expertise is developing relationships with qualified decision makers who have
applications for your products, service or technologies – we eliminate the often weak link in the sales process –
the time consuming, tedious and, for most sales people, the least desirable aspect of
new business development: cold calling for prospect development.

The quality & quantity of PSC’s guaranteed opportunity appointments
outperform ALL other sources! And we can prove it.

If your sales department’s cold calling outreach is lackluster, or non-existent, then you need
Priority Sales Company to make it happen. We develop prospecting programs to work in concert with
your current sales lead generation initiatives. We become part of your team!

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Working with Priority Sales Company is a True Partnership.

Priority Sales Company develops programs to fit your specific requirements and budget. We dig deep in conducting our intake with you,
in order to craft customized methods to introduce your company's products, technologies or services to the right decision-makers.
Our primary focus is to increase your sales pipeline with the most qualified sales prospects.

Priority Sales Company specializes in generating the most qualified sales prospects by asking the relevant questions and engaging in intelligent dialogues.Our team are experts with the know-how to:


By definition, telemarketing is an interactive, two-way communication. PSC’s proven expertise insures developing the key questions to generate dialogue prducing our client’s desired results. Our qualified prospect programs are fine-tuned to discover a prospect’s questions, concerns, objections and hot-button issues. Long-established, with a proven success track record, Priority Sales Company creates sales opportunties for our client companies that might never be developed otherwise.


Our comprehensive databases provide national and regional sources for identifying and qualifying sales prospects & projects.

Our targeted marketing plans insure consistent, on-going telephone research to locate and thoroughly qualify prospects according to your company's criteria. The prospects we deliver will meet your goals exactly!

When a manufacturer of industrial fugitive dust filtration systems recognized that applications for their products and technology existed outside their core market, PSC was given the assignment to find manufacturers with requirements fitting the client company's capabilities. We have proven highly successful, routinely developing face-to-face meetings with the decision makers.

PSC employs professional, business-to-business associates
with excellent telephone skills able to effectively communicate
your company’s message. We guarantee qualified prospects.

Because the telephone is our principal operating tool, it is important to know what we are not – our operation is not a
call center boiler room. We are a personalized operation serving our client customers with permanently assigned associates.

Our proven track record through focused marketing programs specializes in developing qualified prospects with end-users, national or key accounts. We excel at tough assignments where market improvement is desirable but access is a challenge.


What you can expect working with Priority Sales Company:

  • Pursue the contact from the initial call throughout the qualifying process.
  • Establish a current or potential need for the client company's technology, products and/or services.
  • Follow up with contacts that have a potential or a future need.
  • Create and E-mail promotional correspondence and the client's established literature.
A national provider of environmental health and safety support services assigned PSC the task of contacting top management within Fortune 1000 companies.strong This successful program not only generated interest but routinely led to successful face-to-face meetings.

In addition to PSC’s proactive professional telephone outreach, we also offer the following adjunct services:

  • Market Research
  • Customer Service Surveys
  • Inbound Lead Qualifying - Often overlooked resources are low level trade show, print or online inquiries. We have a program that cost-effectively quantifies these responses, and diligent contact procedures will develop qualified prospects.
  • Customer Reactivation - Discerning interest in purchasing again, introducing new or additional products and/or technologies.
  • Customer or Former Prospect Initiatives, trade show pre- and post-marketing, etc.
A developer of specialized wastewater software applications engaged PSC to introduce and develop online presentations. Monthly quota benchmarks have been consistently met – and exceeded!

Our Case Studies Define Our Successes. Here are a Few of Them.

Because of the proprietary nature of our relationships with our clients, we hold their privacy in the strictest confidence.
For this reason, we cannot display actual testimonials, but will show generalized case study descriptions of actual situations.

Let’s have a conversation. Let PSC show you how we can not only achieve,
but exceed, your company’s new business benchmarks.

We’d love to add your business to our constantly growing portfolio of case studies – for all the right reasons!

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PSC Guarantees Qualified Prospects

Priority Sales Company’s clients enjoy a fixed-cost, monthly budget directly related to the number of qualified prospects to be produced andGUARANTEED RESULTS.

Should a prospect reported to be qualified and proves ot to be – FOR ANY REASON – PSC will replace the prospect.

A qualified prospect is where a decision maker has reviewed our client’s offerings, has an application and agrees to meet with a representative. We fully support contacting the prospect until a meeting or proposal is successfully obtained. If a prospect fails to meet this standard, it will be replaced, in every case.


About Priority Sales Company

Priority Sales Company can develop new business opportunities with qualified prospects with whom you have not previously done business nor have pending proposals or quotes. No other medium offers communication with decision makers as direct and definitive as ours, and the closing rate on prospects we develop outperforms all other sources.

For over twenty years we have been obtaining excellent results developing qualified prospects within the industrial, manufacturing, governmental and other business sectors for clients who offer unique services or manufacture specialized technologies. Our focused marketing programs specialize in end-users and national or key account qualified prospect development. In addition to reaching established facilities we have resources to penetrate new industrial construction in the US and Canada.

Priority Sales Company’s proven strategy for building qualified new sales opportunities:

From highly refined data resources, penetrate the desired markets

Drill down to those markets with suitable applications

Locate decision-maker

Make contact and present client benefits

Follow up for qualification and vetting

Establish agreement to meet or other actionable client requirement

Assist or set up event

Our bizdev team is always on the hunt, creating the right opportunities for you.

We love the hunt! PSC creates the opportunities you need to grow your business. We know exactly how to target the right individuals who get things done, to move things forward. The decision-makers can be tapped;
it just takes the right expertise and know-how to break through that “firewall” and start the ball rolling.
We do it all and deliver fully-developed prospects to your team. Ask for a demonstration of our capabilities!.

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